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Aging Mastery Program

The Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) informs, encourages, and supports you in taking steps to improve your life and engage in your community. The program empowers you to make and maintain small but impactful changes. It incorporates evidence-informed materials, expert speakers, group discussion, peer support, and small rewards to build skills and tools to manage your health, maintain economic security, and contribute in society. AMP offers 10 core sessions, each 90 minutes in length. Developed by the National Council on Aging.

About the class

Length and timeframe of a workshop:

  • AMP offers 10 core sessions
  • Each session is 90 minutes in length

Topics include:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Finances
  • Advance care planning
  • Community engagement
  • Healthy relationships

Benefits of the class

Participants have significantly increased their:

  • Social connectedness
  • Physical activity levels
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Use of advanced planning
  • Participation in evidence-based programs
  • Adoption of several other healthy behaviors

Who should take the class

Aging Mastery aims to help millions of baby boomers and older adults take key steps to improve their well-being, add stability to their lives, and strengthen their ties to communities.

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